Sprinkle’s Cupcakes: The Best in Town

September 19, 2011 by  
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If you know me, you know that I love cupcakes. Baking, decorating, and eating them. But, honestly, I’d rather just buy them and leave the cooking up to the cupcake experts. And when I want to do that, I go to Sprinkle’s Cupcakes. I can still remember the first time I enjoyed a Sprinkle’s cupcake like it was five weeks ago. Well it was five weeks ago.

I had two different amazing cupcakes the first time I went, a salted caramel and a dark chocolate cake. And, may I say, they were heavenly. The caramel was just so pretty to look at, I spent a good two minutes just taking pictures of it.  But let me tell you about the cupcake. Frosting to cake ratio: just right, the frosting: not too sweet, but the sea salt on top was just a little over powering. The cake: moist, caramel-y. An all together solid desert, though. But the fondant circles on top were not good, then again, I’m not too sure if they were meant to be eaten…

Anyways, the chocolate, chocolate cupcake: Not as much frosting as I’d like, but the tons of small brown sprinkles on top made up for that. And the rest of it was just as good as you would expect an established cupcake bakery’s cupcake to be.

Sprinkle’s has 23 diverse flavors; from vegan to dog friendly to classic vanilla, chocolate, and carrot. This shop has every flavor you could possibly crave. At $3.50 each, these cupcakes are more like an occasional indulgence, rather than a regular treat. Nevertheless, they are well worth the long drive to Dallas & I highly recommend this bakery.