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Food: It’s great

Sorayah Zahir

Photo by: Steven Jackson Photography

A year or two ago I suddenly got into cooking.  I was watching the Food Network (probably Rachel Ray) and I realized that we had all the ingredients to make whatever it was she was cooking and I went to it. With parental permission, of course.

I’d say that cooking is one of my favorite pasttimes now. After a long day of school, it’s relaxing to just crack an egg and whisk or use a big knife. It seems pretty odd but, I don’t know, I just feel good when I’m in the kitchen making a mess.  But after all that’s done, the best part is finally taking a bite of something you worked hard on and enjoying it. Now that the holiday season is upon us, I’ve been finding myself in the kitchen a lot more often and it’s really fun being there and spending time with my family.

Since discovering the joy of cooking, I’ve gradually been doing it more often and taking on more challenging foods, like crème brûlée and pasta. I cook things that I genuinely like eating, and it has gotten to the point where, when I’m at home, basically all I eat is food that I’ve made. Also, now when I watch cooking shows it’s a lot more interesting to watch the chefs cook, to study their technique and how it differs from mine. One great thing about cooking is that everyone can relate to it. Whether you’re the one cooking or the one eating, food is a big part of your life. I mean, let’s face it,  without food you would be dead.



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