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In the WalMart versus Target battle, I’m on the red side

Sorayah Zahir

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Have you ever wondered why it seems like so many people prefer Target over Walmart? Because I have, and that is exactly what prompted me to write this.

Let’s compare: They were both established in 1962. Walmart is the largest retailer in the world with 8,970 locations world wide; Target has 1,750 locations. Walmart’s trademark color is blue while Target is red. So for the most part, they’re opposites.

Personally, I prefer Target. Why? Because Target is just so gosh darn cool. Almost everything is reasonably priced; they have slushies, sushi, and nice clothes and it’s never too crowded.  Walmart, on the other hand, is full of overly casually dressed people buying cart fulls of ‘Great Value’ Walmart branded foods and toilet paper. Once again, complete opposites. Target has a calm, cool, and generally quiet atmosphere while Walmart is crawling with people and that constant beep of the cash registers, which is very unappealing for me.

When you go to Walmart, do you ever notice how there’s no one around to assist you? That bothers me because when I go to, say, the photo center I have to wait for someone to come along to help and when they finally do come they aren’t much help. The employees here at my local Walmart make it seem like their job is to just put stuff on the shelves and clean, which is very annoying. On the other hand, Target has workers willing to be helpful and friendly. But I have to say, I do think it’s great that Walmart actually has a place to get photos developed.

I think one reason why Walmart is so successful is because they have convenient little places in the store where you can get your nails done or your hair cut and a new pair of glasses. Target just has those Pizza Hut Express things that sell popcorn and pretzels. But I’m not saying Target needs any of that.

In conclusion, the next time you need some milk, consider where you’re getting it from.

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The School Newspaper of Rowlett High School
In the WalMart versus Target battle, I’m on the red side