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Library adds hundreds of books to catalog despite budget cuts

Sorayah Zahir

The library is expecting its first shipment of the year; hundreds of new books will be added to the catalog by next week.

“Books are not cheap,” librarian Shelly Gregory said. “The average hardcover book costs $15 to $20 each.”

GISD budgets money every year for purchasing books and supplies from approved vendors, like Follett, Barnes & Nobles, and Books and Stuff. Last year $30,000 was spent on books alone. That budget has decreased since last year due to the economy. Five to six shipments of books are received each year, totaling to around 2,000 books.

The librarians choose books based on recommendations from other librarians, popularity and whether or not it’s award-winning.

“Circulation has really gone up since Everybody Reads began,” Gregory said. “Off the top of my head, I think we get about 2,000 checkouts a week.”

Everybody Reads requires the entire student body and staff to stop what they’re doing and read for 30 minutes on Fridays.

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