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Gas prices hit the wallet hard

Bryan Lockhart

Bryan Lockhart

High gas prices are affecting the whole nation. Prices range from $2.89 to more than $4 per gallon across the country.  The average gas price for Texas is $3.427. In Rowlett,  prices hover around $3.40 average a gallon.  Gas prices are affecting you in some way whether you drive or not.

Treyvon Green (12)  said it takes him $27 to fill up his gas tank with premium gas every week.   Green’s Mini Cooper receives 25 miles per gallon and has a 14 gallon tank.  “I’ll probably just go back to (regular) unleaded if gas reaches $5.”  Green said the only effect that gas prices have had on him is that he has to budget what he can spend on the extra things. “No, I wouldn’t change to a hybrid car because they look weird,” Green said.


Jordan Payte (12) drives a F250, averaging 17 miles per gallon; costing him $100 to fill it from empty.  Payte said that he has to fill up once a week. Even though his parents pay for his gas, he helps save them money on gas by staying in some nights instead of going out. Payte also tries to make one trip to some places and get what he needs once instead of going out multiple times. His plan to save money if the price of gas reaches near $5 gallon is to get a car or downsize.  ” I won’t drive a electric car because that’s for grandparents,” Payte said.

Mr. Jallo (math teacher) said that he pays about $75 to fill up his new GMC 1500 Sierra. He gets 16.9 mpg in his truck. “I only have to fill up my truck once a week when I don’t get my son, but when I do I have to fill it up twice a week,” he said.  To make himself feel better and save money, Mr. Jallo fills up his truck when it’s only on half empty. Jallo said he wouldn’t buy a hybrid or electric car right because he just bought hhis GMC 1500 Sierra and wants to keep it for awhile. “If gas prices reach near $5, I would go buy a motorcycle,” Jallo siad.   He saves money on gas by not spending as much at the store.

Mrs. Corpuz (science teacher)  drives a Pryus that costs $30 to fill from empty. It gets about 30 miles per gallon. ” I have to fill it up every two and a half weeks,” she  said. The high price of gas hasn’t really affected her yet. Her reason for buying the car was to save money if gas prices increased. “I save money on gas by walking to destinations if possible,” Mrs. Corpuz said. She and her friends carpool when they are going out places and take turns driving.

[For the latest gas prices in your area, check out gasbuddy.com]

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