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Readers are leaders

Josh Hornung

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Walking quietly and gracefully up the stairs to her bedroom, freshmen Katie Hornung, with a book and a warm drink in hand, begins to read even though she hasn’t even touched the doorknob to her room. As she walks into her bedroom, Katie places her cup on her night stand, crawls under her covers, and begins to read her next exciting adventure. 

Freshmen Katie Hornung has been making efforts to read ever since she turned four years old.  Katie tries to read every time she gets the chance, whether it’s school-related or just for the thrill. 

“There’s just something about reading that I just love so much,” Katie said. “Perhaps it’s the interesting stories that make me want to read on and on until my eyes are sore. Or maybe it’s the peacefulness of the scene. Whatever it is, it’s making me love what I love most.” 

Katie enjoys reading all kinds of different stories, but her favorites are romance and mystery novels. Reading two or three books at a time, Katie can finish them all and keep up with what she read in just under a month. 

“I believe reading is very important in life,” Katie said. “Reading improves your vocabulary and also keeps your brain accelerated towards learning; not just school learning, but common sense learning as well. ‘Readers are Leaders,’ is what my mom would always say.” 

Katie’s mother, Debbie Hornung, a teacher at Dallas Lutheran School, knows the importance of reading in a child’s life.

“A lot of kids these days don’t find reading fun,” Mrs. Hornung said with a look of honest disappointment. “Reading is a skill that needs to be learned. People don’t understand the importance of reading. It’s not just something required to pass in school; it’s something that literally helps the brain process faster and stronger.”

Mrs. Hornung also said that reading develops a strong imagination. 

“It’s the people who are creative and have an imagination that become successful in life,” she said, “Success originates from creativity. Readers are leaders.” 

Katie continues to read everyday after school and during her free time.

As she reads each line and every paragraph in her book, Katie Hornung comprehends the many ways she is changing her life and building her future.

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Readers are leaders