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An Interview: Sophie Medrano explains her love of Ian Curtis’s music

Jared Dunham

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Who is your all time fav band/artist?

Joy Division. It’s an 80s band

Why do you like them so much?

Ian Curtis, the lead singer, was an inspiration for a long time through his lyrics and the rest of the band really made an impact with the great instrumental parts. Plus, Ian’s life was so interesting, hard and then him killing himself at 23 right before the band went on their first American tour in 1980. It was just so shocking.  The music and the story behind the band are so real.

And your favorite song and/or album from him?

Unknown Pleasures for the album.   (I plan on getting the album art for my first tattoo.) And song is a tie between “Love Will Tear Us Apart” and “She’s Lost Control.”

So what makes his history so interesting?

What I meant by interesting was the fact that he went through all this pain and suffering – getting married, having a baby at such a young age,  then falling out of love so quickly, cheating and getting caught which lead him to killing himself.  It’s just so crazy, but someone can really relate to that.  It’s real life. His band made music about real life. It wasn’t some British pop band that wrote cheesy love songs and had everything handed to them. But to really answer your question, I wouldn’t want to go through anything he did or do anything he did because obviously there wasn’t a way out for Ian. I feel like there wouldn’t be a way out for me or anyone for that matter who went through what he did.

You find his death beautiful in a way?

No. Tragic. Tragic that he was stuck and felt that was his last resort. But to be honest, what would you do? I mean, you’re 23, you have epilepsy so concerts are hard to do because of the strobe lights and you’re about to head on an American tour?!  Plus,  you have a child and a wife.  What are they going to do while you’re gone? You can’t take them with you, why?  Because you’re in love with a French girl you met at one of your shows and you want to take her.  So what do you do? Who do you take? Do the right thing or follow the love? He chose to leave everyone instead picking someone. How he could just make everything he felt into great music? Absolutely awesome music. You don’t even have to know the story behind him to love his music.

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An Interview: Sophie Medrano explains her love of Ian Curtis’s music