Eagle Basketball: Season Highlights

December 18, 2009 • Eunique Jones  
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Dec. 3-5, 2009 The 5-4 Eagles were tested in the annual Garland Coca Cola Tournament taking on Irving McArthur (6-3), Fort Worth South Hills (3-5), Sherman (4-5), and Mount Pleasant. The Eagles soared high over the competition, ranking 3-1 at the end of the tournament.  Eagles 64, Irving McArthur 67 In... Read more »

Guest Column: Deployment Diaries

December 17, 2009 • PFC Wade Carter, U.S. Army  
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Episode 1:   “I am an American Soldier; I am a warrior and a member of a team!” These words resound through my head as I look around and try to process my surroundings. I stare at fluttering Iraqi sand whipping through the air, careless and free, and it takes me back to Basic, Ft. Sill, OK. Try... Read more »

Senior finds ticket to cash

December 14, 2009 • Travis Cullen  
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The heat of the popcorn hits senior Alex Dale in the face as she leans into the bin. Her hands are covered in sticky soda and butter. It all started for her when she hit senior Doug Chriss’s car. She had no money to pay for it and had no insurance. She needed to find means of money and fast. Alex heard... Read more »

Profile: Coach Ricky Roland

December 14, 2009 • Traisha Martin  
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So far, Coach Rick Roland has under his belt 14 years of coaching.  According to Roland, he is not ready to give it up.  From the basketball court, to the football field, and even the track, Roland has given the performance to justify why for 2004 and 2007, he was awarded the Physical Education Teacher... Read more »

The Unexpected – Student shares her loss

December 14, 2009 • Sydney Strawn  
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“My heart skipped a beat. I felt lost inside. I could feel the thread that held my family together get cut, just like that, separated forever, I hate this.” Her worst nightmare had become reality. Somewhere deep inside freshman Hanna Tayara knew it would come to this. When it happened, she didn’t... Read more »

Readers are leaders

December 14, 2009 • Josh Hornung  
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Walking quietly and gracefully up the stairs to her bedroom, freshmen Katie Hornung, with a book and a warm drink in hand, begins to read even though she hasn’t even touched the doorknob to her room. As she walks into her bedroom, Katie places her cup on her night stand, crawls under her covers, and... Read more »

Sisters share the court

feature photo

December 14, 2009 • Traisha Martin  
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The deep breaths.  Blow dryers whining.  The locker room sounds of jokes and laughter, never an awkward silence to be heard.  Junior Devin and freshmen Dominique Oliver open and slam their lockers in unison.  Both take off their right shoe, then left.  In sync with every step they take.  Devin... Read more »

Tech Crew shines backstage

December 14, 2009 • Blaine Piering  
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Lights flickered on and off. Left. Right. Center. A single dancer danced the Macarena. Sophomore Miranda McKenzie, who had just walked into the auditorium, stared at the stage where a strobe light and other stage lights flickered to the beat of the music. Smiling, she grabbed her friend Jasmine Shannon’s... Read more »

School thefts increase significantly

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December 14, 2009 • Victoria Lo  
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Thefts at school have significantly increased this year.  Last year, approximately 300 thefts were reported for the entire school year. At the halfway mark of this school year, there have already been 300 items reports of stolen items, resulting in hundreds of dollars lost for students. “I think that... Read more »